Zanussi Door interlocks

Door lock in Zanussi Washing Machine

Come across quite a few of these Zanussi Washing Machines that seem to have a problem with their door locks overheating and failing. This kind of door interlock also fits some Electrolux, Tricity Bendix and AEG models as they are all owned by the parent company of Electrolux. There seems to be an increasing number of manufactures that are having problems with electrical components burning out or catching on fire, the latest in the news have been Beko fridge freezers, Hotpoint dishwashers and Bosch dishwashers. Indesit dishwashers could also have a problem with this as they are the same company as Hotpoint (both owned by Merloni) and as for Bosch, they are the same as Neff and Siemens so I suppose their dishwashers could also have a potential fire rist.
With Bosch dishwashers there is a web site where you can look up if your Bosch dishwasher is affected by clicking here. If there is a problem with your model Bosch will come out to you to replace the faulty component free of charge. The faulty component is the main circuit board / PCB.